Download SSSPSX, ePSXe, pSX emulator 2024

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Download psx emulator

PlayStation 1 games are still the favorites of many and by downloading one of the SSSPSX, ePSXe or pSX emulators you can relive the old days and have a great time. Below, we show you how you can download SSSPSX, ePSXe, pSX emulators and tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in 2024.


Download ePSXe emulator

The ePSXe emulator is the most used today and one of the most stable. Although its last update was made in 2016 it is undoubtedly the PSX emulator with the best design. In order to use it you will need to download the emulator and the BIOS for it to work.

Advantages of ePSXe emulator

  • It requires the installation of BIOS so the performance is more stable.
  • Allows the installation of plugins that optimize the emulator.
  • This emulator is the most updated.
  • Allows the use of disks with PlayStation 1 games.
  • It can be downloaded for Android devices.

Disadvantages of the ePSXe emulator

  • This emulator can be a bit complicated to set up.

Below, we leave you in link so you can download the ePSXe emulator.

Download SSSPSX emulator

Downloading the SSSPSX emulator in its version 0.0.34 is simpler than it seems and from this emulator you can enjoy the best collection of PlayStation 1 games.

With SSSPSX Emulator 0.0.34 you will have all the plugins and the original BIOS of the console, to enjoy the games you want.

Advantages of SSSPSX Emulator

  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • Allows you to play any PSX console title.
  • It does not require BIOS installation, so you can just install the emulator and run the games you want.

Disadvantages of the SSSPSX emulator

  • The last update of this emulator was made in 2006 so it may occasionally present failures.

SSSPSX emulator configuration

The SSSPSX emulator comes preconfigured and ready to use, so it is only recommended to change the configuration in case of failures in the visualization of the loaded game. If this is your case and the SSSPSX emulator does not open the game of your interest, you only need to go to the configuration window inside the emulator and select a different distribution until you find the right one.

 Next, we leave you the link so you can download the SSSPSX emulator.

Download PSX emulator

If your old console is no longer useful, downloading the PSX emulator is a very good option. Version 1.13 is usually the most downloaded, however, it usually has many problems and bugs.

Advantages of the PSX emulator

  • This has one of the easiest user interfaces among the other emulators.

Disadvantages of the PSX emulator

  • One of the most common drawbacks is to show you repeatedly, that it can not run because it lacks the d3dx9_26.dll file, even when you already have it downloaded.

Here is the link to download the PSX emulator.

All the previous emulators fulfill their function very well, however, the most recommended to download is the ePSXe emulator. Its great compatibility and stability make it the most reliable and used nowadays.

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