9 AI Tools for Transcription That Are Changing the Game

Ricardo Gonzalez
AI for audio to text transcription

Tired of manually transcribing your audio recordings? Artificial intelligence is your perfect ally to automate this tedious task. In this article, we present the 9 best AI tools to convert audio to text with just a few clicks. Forget manual transcription!


The best 8 AI tools to transcribe audio to text

Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved in recent years, and today there are excellent software solutions capable of transcribing audio to text with impressive accuracy. Here are the top 9 options on the market:


Whisper is an open source speech-to-text transcription tool that greatly simplifies the audio transcription process. With its advanced speech recognition technology, Whisper allows users to easily convert audio recordings into text with high accuracy, saving time and effort compared to manual transcription.

  • Key features: Whisper stands out for its ability to transcribe audio in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and more. In addition, its deep learning algorithm allows it to adapt to different accents and acoustic environments, ensuring accurate transcriptions even in challenging conditions.
  • Pricing: As an open source tool, Whisper is available free of charge for anyone to use and contribute to its development. There are no costs associated with using Whisper, making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable and accessible transcription solution.

Learn how to install Whisper on Windows and discover all that this powerful tool has to offer.


SpeechFlow Tool

SpeechFlow is a transcription platform that converts audio to text using artificial intelligence and deep learning. It has models trained in over 14 languages, achieving a 75% accuracy rate in English texts.

SpeechFlow transcription accuracy

Accuracy of SpeechFlow's transcriptions in various languages

Main features:

  • AI models in 14 languages with an overall accuracy of 89.01%
  • Up to 30 minutes of free transcription on the platform and 5 hours through its API per month
  • Intuitive and user-friendly web interface
  • End-to-end encryption for maximum security

Price: SpeechFlow offers a free plan that allows up to 5 hours and 30 minutes of transcription per month and pay-per-use plans starting at $0.0002 per second. Learn more about SpeechFlow in detail here.

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe Tool

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic voice-to-text transcription solution developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service is highly scalable and can transcribe thousands of hours of audio in multiple languages with a precision in pre-trained and refined models of 88.76%.

The platform has optimized models for transcribing phone calls, meetings, speeches, podcasts, among others, identifying multiple speakers. Additionally, it offers features such as sentiment detection, topic categorization, and sensitive data masking.

Main features:

  • Machine learning models in over 31 languages
  • Real-time transcription for calls and meetings
  • Automatic identification of multiple speakers
  • Automatic video captioning

Price: Amazon Transcribe has a free plan for 12 months and a paid plan starting at $0.024 USD per minute of processed audio. Learn more about Amazon Transcribe here.


DenoLyrics Tool

DenoLyrics is an AI-powered audio-to-text transcription platform that stands out for its accuracy, speed, and multilingual support. It uses models trained in more than 143 languages to automatically detect the audio language and transcribe it correctly.

The tool features an intuitive web interface and various export options, such as SRT, TXT, PDF among other popular formats.

Main features:

  • Automatic language detection in 143 options
  • Real-time conversion speed
  • Transcription of podcasts, speeches, and calls
  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Export to multiple formats

Price: DenoLyrics offers a free plan, a monthly plan for $7 USD, and a premium annual plan for $60 USD per year. Learn all about DenoLyrics here.


Rythmex Tool

Rythmex is an advanced online solution for automatically transcribing audio and video files to text using artificial intelligence. It uses natural language processing technology to achieve a high level of accuracy and has models trained in over 40 languages.

Main features:

  • Automatic detection in over 40 languages
  • API integration on websites and apps
  • Accurate transcription of audios and videos
  • Collaborative transcription editing
  • Audio and text synchronization

Price: Rythmex offers a basic plan for $15 per hour of transcription and monthly plans starting at $25. It has a 15-day free trial. Learn more about Rythmex here.


AssemblyAI Tool

AssemblyAI is a leading platform in AI-powered audio-to-text transcription solutions. It stands out for an approximate accuracy of 92.3% in its transcriptions, according to some tests conducted by AssemblyAI in 2022.

Main features:

  • Transcription accuracy of approximately 92% in over 125 languages
  • Automatic detection of spoken language
  • Advanced transcription analysis
  • API integration in applications

Price: AssemblyAI offers pay-per-use plans starting at $0.65 per hour of transcription and advanced options with different prices depending on their features. Learn all about AssemblyAI here.


DupDub Tool

DupDub is a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence tools for voice processing. It allows you to transcribe audio to text, convert text to voice, and clone voices with impressive quality.

The tool accepts popular file formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, and fully automates the transcription creation process, which can be downloaded in minutes in TXT, PDF, DOCX, and more.

Main features:

  • Accurate conversion using deep learning
  • Real-time processing speed
  • Multiple input and output formats
  • Secure multimedia file processing
  • Intuitive and user-friendly web interface

Price: DupDub offers a 3-day free trial. It then has plans starting at $15 per month and custom packages for businesses. Learn more about DupDub here.


Speechllect Tool

Speechllect is a cutting-edge platform specializing in transcription solutions powered by artificial intelligence. It allows you to transcribe audio and video recordings to text quickly, accurately, and securely.

Speechllect stands out for its focus on privacy, processing everything confidentially without storing multimedia files. Additionally, it easily integrates its functions into any application via API.

Main features:

  • Automatic detection of over 100 languages
  • Enhanced accuracy with NLP models
  • Confidential processing without storage
  • Real-time transcription speed
  • Simple API integration

Price: Speechllect offers pay-per-use plans starting at $10 for every 1000 transcription requests. It has a free trial of 30 requests. Learn more about Speechllect here.


Easy-Peasy.AI Tool

Easy-Peasy.AI is a cutting-edge platform that offers various artificial intelligence solutions for content generation. The platform mainly stands out for creating texts for various uses. However, it is also capable of transcribing audio to text with AI.

Main features:

  • Summaries and content generation with GPT-4
  • Multilingual support
  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Support for over 40 multimedia formats

Price: Easy Peasy AI offers a free plan, a basic plan starting at $4.99 USD per month, and premium plans starting at $9.99 with access to all features. Learn more about Easy Peasy AI here.

Price comparison of tools to transcribe audio to text

Below, we present a comparative table of some of the main AI-powered transcription platforms. This table is organized according to the cost of the most economical plan, and provides a direct link to the corresponding platform for more information:

PlatformFree PlanMost Economical Plan
Amazon TranscribeYes$0.024/minute
SpeechllectYes$10/1000 requests
RythmexNo (15-day trial)$15/hour
DupDubNo (3-day trial)$15/month

Applications of AI in audio-to-text transcription

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized audio-to-text transcription, offering solutions in a wide variety of sectors. Below, we highlight some of its main applications:

  1. Meeting and Conference Transcription: Automatically generates minutes and summaries from verbal interventions.
  2. Video and Class Captioning: Provides accessibility to those with hearing impairments, allowing them to access visualized information.
  3. Voice Assistance: Converts voice commands into text, facilitating the automation of daily tasks.
  4. Call Analysis: Enhances the customer experience through real-time transcription, allowing for more effective review and response.
  5. Legal Dictation: Facilitates the documentation of trials, testimonies, and statements, ensuring an accurate and permanent record.
  6. Business Automation: Digitizes and archives crucial information from recordings quickly and efficiently.

The future of AI in audio transcription

In the coming years, it is expected that the accuracy of artificial intelligence solutions for converting voice to text will reach levels close to 100%, matching or surpassing human capabilities.

This anticipated perfection will open doors to advanced applications such as:

  • Real-Time Transcriptions: Capturing conversations instantly.
  • Simultaneous Translations: Breaking language barriers on the spot.
  • Content Automation: Creating and adapting material based on vocal inputs.
  • Immersive Auditory Experiences: Redefining the way we listen and experience sound.

This technology will radically transform the way we capture, analyze, and use voice-transmitted information in all areas in the coming years.

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