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Kwai USA (Kuaishou) ¡All you need to know!

In this article we talk about the Kwai or Kuaishou app and everything you need to know about this famous application.

What is Kwai?

Kwai is a social network specialized in short video, it has a great similarity with TikTok and is emerging as its direct competitor.

Where is the Kwai (Kuaishou) application from?

Kwai or Kuaishou is a Chinese application created in 2012 and has a solid presence in Latin America. Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, among others, have a monetization program that allows verified accounts to earn money by posting videos.

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How do you run Kwai?

At the moment Kwai does not have a version accessible from your computer, so you will have to download the application on your mobile or tablet. In some countries the application may not yet be available for download, but you can use a Vpn that connects you to one of the Latin American countries and that will solve the download issue.

How does kwai work?

Kwai is a social network very similar to TikTok and its operation is very similar. The app has several sections where videos are organized by hashtags, however, the most important section is (for you).

Something interesting about this app is that it has monthly activities and hashtags for users to join those trends and generate more views on their videos.

Is Kwai available in the United States?

Currently, Kwai is not available in the United States, since its launch the app was intended to be the main competitor of TikTok in Latin America.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kwai

Like any social network Kwai (Kuaishou) has advantages and disadvantages at a general level, below, we will talk about some of them after using the application for more than three months.

Advantages of Kwai

  • It is a social network that is gaining popularity in the short video sector.
  • Users are paid for referring family, friends or acquaintances.
  • It gives you an initial exposure of between 100 and 200 users when you publish your video, if the people who saw it interact with it, the platform will show it to more users.
  • You can verify your account in a simple way, if you have more than 10 thousand followers in another social network.
  • If you create content as a verified account you can earn money for your videos.
  • The user interface is similar to other platforms, which makes the user experience simple.
  • It has weekly #hastags to join and earn views on your videos.

Disadvantages of Kwai

Using Kwai as a content consumer is simply not very entertaining, you can literally watch the same videos on platforms like Tiktok, YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, but on Kwai for some reason the quality is low. Below, we will mention some of the disadvantages we found when using the app.

  • It does not work worldwide.
  • The opportunities for growth within the social network are limited.
  • The app’s camera is not fully optimized.
  • Editing within the app is a bad experience, it is not very accurate and has very childish effects.
  • If after the first 100 views your videos do not generate interactions, they will not be shown to anyone else.
  • The chances of going viral with original content are very slim.
  • If you go viral on Kwai, your video will be seen by approximately 5 to 11 million people, while if it went viral on TikTok it would be seen by over 200 million people.

  • Generally, the videos with the most views are third party content (Movies, series shorts, etc.).
  • Generally, there is nothing new to watch, it is the same content from other social networks republished on Kwai.
  • While on Tiktok it is common to see videos with millions of reactions, on Kwai there are few videos with that amount of reactions.
  • Companies are not looking for content creators from this platform so it won’t do you any good to have followers here for collaborations with brands.

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