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Is Kwai safe or dangerous?

Kwai and other applications promise their users to earn money for watching videos (a slogan for which users began to spread it). However, these types of promises are very frequent and often generate distrust, so today, we will tell you how safe it is to use Kwai and what makes this application different from the rest.

How to get verified on Kwai?

Is Kwai really safe?

Kwai is a social network founded in China in 2012. The application became popular in LATAM a few years ago when many users recommended downloading an application that paid you to watch videos and refer people through download links and invitation codes.

This application made giants such as TikTok tremble, and they had to implement the same benefits offered by Kwai to its users to face the growing Chinese social network.

Kwai currently has more than 43 million people using the app monthly, and although it is a much lower number compared to its competition TikTok, Kwai continues to grow. However, there are still users who question whether Kwai is safe and are wary of promises of being able to make money with the app.

So is Kwai safe? The truth is that you can rest assured that the app can be as secure as any other social network.

But is it possible to earn real money on KWAI, and is there a risk of falling for a scam?

Advantages and disadvantages of Kwai

Can I earn money on Kwai?

This is the question why a lot of people think that Kwai is unsafe. But the truth is that it is possible to earn money with Kwai, although the chances of inviting someone to the app and getting the answer “I have already downloaded it” are getting higher and higher.

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However, as in any other business, some users promise big profits and take advantage of naive people. In such situations, you need to be aware to avoid problems.

Therefore, see below when it can be dangerous to use Kwai!

When is it dangerous to use Kwai?

As such, the app is not dangerous, as we have already clarified. However, it would help if you were careful with ill-intentioned people, as you could become a victim of scams by falling for false promises. You do not need to give your data to third parties or use the invitation code of people who promise to earn more if you use the code they provide. All referral codes are the same!

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