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How to make money on Kwai 2022

One of the many ways to make money on KWAI, and the main reason why the platform became known, was by paying users to watch videos daily. However, this was never profitable. Below, we tell you about the options available to make money with this application and whether you should invest your time in them or not.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kwai

Ways to earn money on Kwai.

Invitation codes on Kwai

One of the main monetization tools in the app is invitation codes. It works almost the same as affiliate marketing, where a new user signs up with your code, and you generate money from that.

The invitee can receive up to (0.80 USD) for each user who downloads Kwai and registers your code. However, this amount can be raised to (40 USD) depending on weekly events and some conditions.

So, if you want to generate extra income with Kwai, here you should focus a big part of your time as it can be very profitable. (You must get as many registrations as possible with your invitation code).

Kwai and your daily tasks

After linking to the app, you can earn money by fulfilling daily tasks on the platform, such as staying 3 minutes a day inside the app, watching videos, etc.

But being honest, the revenue that can be generated with this monetization model is nothing significant. It is used as a marketing strategy for user retention within the platform.

Daily registration

Kwai offers rewards and chests every day you log in and consume content on the platform. These rewards are Kwai Golds (Kwai currency) and can be converted into real money. But, just like the previous monetization tool, you won’t generate much with this.

The spinning currency (Kwai Bonus)

It is possible to earn Kwai Golds using the app. After a certain amount of videos are watched or spending a certain amount of time on a video, you get a Kwai bonus.

Creating content as a verified account

Now we will talk about a method to earn money within the application that can be profitable. By creating content within the paid creator program, you can generate as many views on your videos will allow.

You can earn $0.5 for each video between 2,000 and 5,000 views or up to $200 for each video that exceeds 1 million views in the section for you. Find out more here about How much does Kwai pay per video?

Kwai Recruiters

Another possibility if you want to generate income with Kwai is by recruiting content creators. Each creator you refer to and get accepted into the program can earn a dollar bonus. Unfortunately, this is one of the most complex ways, as there is no clear guide to becoming a Kwai recruiter.

Participate in events

If you create content for Kwai but are not in the paid creator program, you can participate in the app’s themed events and compete for the prizes offered at each event. This is a great opportunity to make yourself known and generate extra income.

Want to verify your Kwai account? Find out the requirements here.

To participate, you must read the description of each event very well and use the required hashtags.

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