The 20 Best AI-Powered Video Editors and Generators in 2024

Ricardo Gonzalez
The 20 Best AI-Powered Video Editors and Generators

AI-powered video editors and generators are revolutionizing the way we create audiovisual content today. With these tools, you can save a significant amount of time editing and producing high-quality videos without prior experience.

In this article, you’ll find a selection of the best options on the market, as well as practical tips to make the most of these incredible editing and artificial intelligence tools. Discover how these innovative solutions will help you edit and generate professional videos quickly and easily.


Comparative Table of AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

The following table provides a comparison of the main features of some of the most popular AI-powered video editing tools currently available. This will give you an overview of the capabilities offered by each one and help you determine which may be the most suitable for your needs.

PlatformKey FeaturesLowest Paid PlanFree Trial
2short AIGenerates optimized short clips for social media from longer videos. Supports multiple languages.$9 / monthYes
AutoPodAutomated multi-camera editor. Generates social clips. Silence-based cut editor. Customizable.$29 / monthYes
Deepbrain AIRealistic AI avatars. Multilingual Text-to-Speech. In-browser video editing. Editable templates. ChatGPT integration.$30 / monthNo
DescriptAccurate automated transcription. Text-based editing. Voice cloning. Filler word removal. Social clip creation.$12 / monthYes
FineShareRemoves webcam background. Voice and sound effect library. Compatible with multiple apps.$10 / monthNo
FlexClipComprehensive editing tools. Access to royalty-free assets and over 6 AI-powered features.$10 / monthYes
Hour One AIRealistic virtual avatars. AI-assisted scriptwriting. Automated translation and dubbing. Customizable templates.$30 / monthYes
Invideo AIAutomated script and scene generation. Text-based customization. 16M+ media library. Humanized narrations.$20 / monthYes
KapwingAI-powered editing and automated creation tools. Real-time collaborative editing. Extensive template library.$24 / monthYes
LovoText-to-speech with realistic AI voices. Online video editor. AI art generator. AI writer. Writing templates.$19 / monthYes
Maverick AIMassive video personalization. CRM integrations. Custom landing pages. Campaign analytics.$100 / monthNo
MunchAutomated editing and publishing. Viral trend analysis. Highlight clip extraction.$49 / monthNo
Nova AIOnline video editing. AI-powered search engine. Edited clip export. Computer vision content analysis.$10 / monthYes
PapercupHyperrealistic AI voices. Global localization and distribution. Automated transcription and subtitling.InquireDemo
Rephrase AIRealistic digital avatars. Massive personalization. Easy integration. Campaign analytics. Multilingual.$25 / monthNo
Roll AIMulticamera capture with a phone. Lighting detection. Cinematic bokeh. AI-powered automated editing. VFX effects.$49 / monthYes
ShuffllExtensive template library. Video personalization. Effects and transitions. Social sharing.InquireDemo
SynthesiaDiverse AI avatars. Voices in 130+ languages. Customized avatars. Powerful integrations. One-click updates.$22 / monthNo
Vidnoz AIEasy to use. Wide variety of avatars. Custom avatar creation. Themed templates. Multilingual voice cloning.$20 / monthYes
Vidyo AIAI-powered video editing. Customizable templates. Direct social publishing. Automated subtitles and emojis. Branded toolkit.$216 / yearYes

Key Factors When Choosing an AI-Powered Video Editing Tool

When selecting an AI-powered video editing and generation tool, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you choose the option that best fits your needs. This section outlines the key elements to take into account before deciding on an AI-powered video editing platform.

  • Ease of Use: Look for a tool with an intuitive interface and automated processes that allow you to create videos quickly and easily, even if you have no prior editing experience.
  • Pricing: Review the pricing plans to ensure they fit your current and future budget. Some platforms offer free plans to get started.
  • AI Features: Verify that the AI-powered tools offered by the platform cover your requirements. Some of the most important may include virtual avatar creation, automated voice generation, and subtitling.
  • Resource Library: An integrated library of music, videos, photos, and other resources will give you more options to personalize your videos.
  • Compatibility: Check that the tool is compatible with your operating systems, browsers, and favorite apps for a unified workflow.
  • Training: Some platforms offer courses and tutorials to help you master all their features quickly.
  • Support: Choose a tool with multiple support channels available to quickly resolve any questions or issues.
  • Results: Review examples of videos created with the tool to confirm it delivers professional-quality results.

The 20 Best AI-Powered Video Editors and Generators in 2024

Reviewing the points made, we have compiled a list of Artificial Intelligences that satisfy most or all of the requirements to be part of the 20 best AI-powered video editors and generators in 2024.

2short AI

2short AI

2short AI is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform long videos into short, optimized clips for social media. This tool automatically analyzes the content of your videos, identifying the most relevant and entertaining moments to create high-quality mini-videos that keep the audience engaged.

The platform greatly simplifies the editing process, allowing content creators to save valuable time.

  • Key Features: 2short AI supports multiple languages, transforms long videos into engaging short clips, and is compatible with various video types such as podcasts, educational content, reviews, and more.
  • Pricing: The platform offers four plans – a free Starter plan with limited features, a Lite plan for $9.90/month, a Pro plan for $19.90/month with more benefits, and a Premium plan with all features for $49.90/month.



AutoPod is an AI-powered video editing tool that greatly simplifies the workflow for podcast and video show editors. With its powerful plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, this platform automates tedious tasks like multicamera editing and social media clip generation. This allows editors to save a significant amount of time and effort.

  • Key Features: AutoPod stands out for its multicamera editor that can handle up to 10 cameras and microphones simultaneously. It also automatically generates social media clips in various formats and makes intelligent cuts during silent moments. Additionally, it is highly customizable and allows saving presets.
  • Pricing: The platform offers a 30-day free trial. Thereafter, the individual plan costs $29 per month and includes all the core features.

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI greatly simplifies the creation and editing of videos using AI avatars. This tool allows users to generate realistic and personalized audiovisual content quickly and easily, without the need for expensive equipment or advanced editing skills.

  • Key Features: This platform stands out for its hyper-realistic AI avatars with natural movements and voices in multiple languages. It features powerful browser-based editing tools, integration with ChatGPT, and automatic video generation capabilities from text.
  • Pricing: Deepbrain AI offers three plans, including a $30 per month initial plan, a $225 per month Pro plan, and customized enterprise plans.



Descript is a video editing software that uses artificial intelligence to simplify the editing process. Thanks to advanced natural language processing technologies, this program automatically transcribes recordings. This allows editing videos by simply modifying the text of the transcription, greatly facilitating the editing work.

  • Key Features: The platform comes equipped with high-precision automatic transcription, intuitive text editing, ultra-realistic voice cloning, automatic filler word removal, and simplified creation of social media videos. All these capabilities together significantly accelerate the workflow with audio and video content.
  • Pricing: Descript offers a free plan, a Creator plan for $12/month, and a Pro plan for $24/month, each with increasing benefits in terms of transcription hours and access to better features.



FineShare is an innovative platform that greatly facilitates the creation and customization of audio and video content. The platform stands out for the variety of voice and sound effects it offers, allowing users to modify and enhance recordings with just a few clicks. Additionally, it is integrated with the most popular video call and streaming applications, making it very versatile.

  • Key Features: This tool simplifies tasks that previously required a lot of time and effort, such as creating videos with transparent backgrounds or applying professional effects to voice recordings. The wide compatibility with well-known programs is also a great advantage for the user.
  • Pricing: FineShare has monthly plans starting at $9.99, annual plans starting at $39.99, and lifetime plans for $69.99. Prices vary depending on the number of features and allowed devices.



FlexClip simplifies the video creation process by implementing advanced AI algorithms and an intuitive video editor. The platform integrates a wide library of resources, templates, and tools, which greatly simplify the creation and editing of high-quality videos.

  • Key Features: The platform stands out for its 6 built-in AI tools, which accelerate the generation of scripts, images, AI-powered voiceovers, and video production with text instructions. The platform also provides professional templates and access to royalty-free resources like music, videos, and photos.
  • Pricing: FlexClip has a free plan, a Plus plan for $9.99 per month, and a Business plan for $19.99 per month with more benefits. The plans cater to different needs and budgets.

Hour One AI

Hour One AI

Hour One AI greatly facilitates the creation of videos using AI-generated avatars. The platform focuses on creating video content for marketing or educational purposes.

This tool stands out for the great versatility and realism it provides when customizing virtual avatars, achieving remarkably natural movements and expressions.

  • Key Features: This platform offers automatic video dubbing, API access, script creation assistance, and customizable templates that streamline the creative process.
  • Pricing: Hour One AI has flexible plans for individuals and teams. The free plan allows you to explore the platform, while the paid plans range from $30 to $112 per month, with video credits included.

Invideo AI

Invideo AI

Invideo AI allows you to generate scripts, scenes, narrations, and visual elements from simple text commands. This way, tedious tasks are automated, and the creative process is accelerated, allowing users to focus on telling the best possible story.

  • Key Features: The platform stands out for the automated generation of visually appealing scripts and scenes with minimal user input. It also offers a high level of customization and creative control through simple text commands. It has a vast media library and allows real-time collaborative editing.
  • Pricing: Invideo AI has Free, Plus ($20/month), and Max ($48/month) plans. The Free plan allows you to try the platform, Plus increases AI generation minutes, and Max maximizes the capabilities.



Kapwing is a collaborative online platform that simplifies the video editing and creation process for users and teams. This tool stands out for its advanced AI technology, allowing the use of simple text commands to add scenes, add narrations, and much more.

  • Key Features: This platform integrates multiple AI tools, such as automated video generators, article-to-video converters, and more, to streamline the workflow. Its collaborative cloud-based approach and extensive library of customizable templates are also strengths.
  • Pricing: Kapwing has Free, Pro ($24/month), Business ($64/month), and Enterprise plans. The plans vary in features, collaborators, watermarks, and support.



Lovo offers powerful text-to-speech conversion tools, video editing, image generation, and automated writing. This allows you to create content by integrating AI tools into your workflow.

  • Key Features: This platform stands out for its realistic AI-powered text-to-speech features, its intuitive online video editor, its AI-powered art generator, and its AI writer that helps overcome writer’s block. It also offers useful writing templates to streamline content creation.
  • Pricing: Lovo offers a free plan, a basic plan for $19 per month, a Pro plan for $24 per month, and a Pro+ plan for $75 per month. Prices are more economical if paid annually.

Maverick AI

Maverick AI

Maverick AI allows brands to create and send thousands of personalized videos to their customers without the need to record a new video for each person. This way, companies can engage in relevant and meaningful conversations with each customer, greatly improving conversion and retention rates.

  • Key Features: This platform stands out for its ability to massively personalize videos using artificial intelligence and its integration with well-known CRMs for the automation of advertising campaigns. It also allows the creation of landing pages, provides comprehensive support, offers detailed performance analytics, and seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms.
  • Pricing: Maverick AI offers a Starter plan for $100 per month for up to 1,000 sends and a customized Pro plan for larger volumes that includes more features.



Munch is designed to analyze and identify the most attractive and impactful segments of your long-form videos. It then transforms these highlight moments into short clips, perfect for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

This tool represents a significant time-saving for content creators, as it facilitates the generation of multiple potentially viral content pieces from a single long-form video.

  • Key Features: The platform stands out for its ability to automatically edit and trim videos, extracting the most engaging clips through trend analysis and artificial intelligence. The platform also generates automatic subtitles and provides intuitive video editing.
  • Pricing: Munch offers three pricing plans: Pro at $49/month, Elite at $116/month, and Ultimate at $220/month. Each plan allows for processing a different number of video minutes per month.

Nova AI

Nova AI

Nova AI is an innovative video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and optimize the editing process. This online platform allows users to create high-quality video content efficiently, without the need for complicated installation.

  • Key Features: It stands out for its variety of editing tools, AI-powered video search engine, and the ability to export edited videos. The platform can identify objects and expressions in videos to facilitate editing.
  • Pricing: Nova AI offers a limited free plan and paid plans starting at $10 per month, with variations in maximum video length, storage, and included resources.



Papercup is an excellent tool for users looking to translate and dub their video content with AI. Its cutting-edge technology fully automates the process of transcribing, translating, and generating natural-sounding voiceovers.

  • Key Features: This platform stands out for its hyper-realistic AI-generated synthetic voices, its ability to distribute content globally with high-quality transcriptions, subtitles, and dubbing. Additionally, its editing team subtly adjusts background sounds to prevent them from being overshadowed by the new voice track.
  • Pricing: To learn about Papercup’s pricing, it is recommended to visit their official website and schedule a demonstration.

Rephrase AI

Rephrase AI

Rephrase AI can generate realistic videos with digital avatars that read the content aloud with just a few text instructions. This saves valuable time compared to manually recording and editing videos.

  • Key Features: It stands out for its ability to create realistic and customizable digital avatars. It also allows for running large-scale video campaigns, with tools to personalize and measure the impact. The platform supports video creation in over 60 languages.
  • Pricing: Rephrase AI offers a personal plan at $25/month that includes stock avatars and 10 video credits. It also has a customized enterprise plan with exclusive avatars.

Roll AI

Roll AI

Roll AI transforms your mobile device into an advanced and compact video production studio. Thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies, such as multi-camera capture, optimal lighting detection, and automated editing, this platform significantly simplifies the video production process.

  • Key Features: This tool stands out for its unique capabilities in multi-camera capture, lighting detection, cinematic bokeh, AI-powered automated editing, and VFX camera effects.
  • Pricing: Roll AI offers plans that cater to different needs, including a free plan, a Creator plan at $49 per month, a Pro plan at $199 per month, and a customizable Enterprise plan.



Shuffll automates tedious tasks like adding transitions and effects, so users can focus on customizing the video with their own content. The platform has a library of pre-designed templates and personalization options tailored for any type of user.

  • Key Features: It stands out for its extensive template library, its options for large-scale video production, and the ease of adding eye-catching visual effects.
  • Pricing: To learn about Shuffll’s pricing, it is recommended to visit their official website and schedule a demonstration.



Synthesia automates the creative process through the use of AI-generated avatars. This innovative tool allows you to produce high-quality videos using simple text commands, completely eliminating the need to film with cameras or hire actors.

  • Key Features: The platform stands out for its extensive library of diverse avatars, support for multiple languages, integrations with popular tools, and the ability to easily update video content. The platform is also committed to ethics and moderation in the use of AI.
  • Pricing: Synthesia offers flexible plans like Starter at $22 per month, Creator at $67 per month, and customized Enterprise solutions for businesses. The plans include different amounts of video minutes generated per year and additional features.

Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI provides an extensive selection of avatars, naturally-sounding voices, and customizable templates, allowing users to tailor their videos to their specific preferences and styles.

This platform significantly simplifies the multimedia content creation process, not only boosting the return on investment (ROI) but also contributing to a substantial reduction in the costs associated with video production and editing.

  • Key Features: It stands out for its intuitive interface, wide variety of AI avatars and voices, multiple pre-designed templates, and the ability to clone any voice perfectly in different languages.
  • Pricing: Vidnoz offers a free plan with limited features and three paid plans with increasing benefits in terms of generated video minutes and maximum duration. Prices range from $19.99 to $74.99 per month, with the option of customized enterprise plans.

Vidyo AI

Vidyo AI

Vidyo AI is designed to help content creators transform their long videos into short, engaging clips that are ideal for social media, in a quick and efficient manner. This tool optimizes the post-production process, saving considerable time and effort by automating complex tasks such as relevant scene detection, subtitle incorporation, and content adaptation to viral-friendly formats.

  • Key Features: The platform stands out for its AI-powered video editing capabilities, customizable templates, direct social media publishing, automatic subtitling and emoji generation, virality prediction, and integrated media banks.
  • Pricing: Vidyo AI offers a free plan, a Pro subscription at $216 per year, and a Pro+ subscription at $360 per year, with increasing benefits in terms of upload minutes and premium features.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI-powered Video Editors and Generators

What are AI-powered video editors?

AI-powered video editors are tools that use artificial intelligence to automate and simplify the video editing process. These tools can perform tasks such as automatic scene detection, adding transitions, adjusting color and lighting, and even generating special effects, all with the help of intelligent algorithms.

How do AI-powered video generators differ from editors?

While AI-powered video editors help you work with pre-existing material, AI-powered video generators can create entirely new videos from scratch. You can provide them with a script, images, or even just an idea, and the AI will generate a complete video with animations, music, and narration.

What are the advantages of using AI-powered video editors and generators?

These tools allow you to save time and effort in creating videos, even if you have no prior editing experience. Additionally, the AI can help you achieve professional and high-quality results that would be difficult to obtain manually.

What types of videos can I create with these tools?

The possibilities are endless. You can create videos for social media, ads, presentations, educational videos, tutorials, and even music videos or short films.

Should I use a video editor or a video generator with AI?

The choice will depend on your needs. If you already have recorded material and just need to edit it, an AI-powered video editor will be sufficient. If you want to create a video from scratch, an AI-powered video generator will allow you to do so quickly and easily.

How much do these tools cost?

Prices vary depending on the tool and its features. Some offer free plans with limited functionality, while others require a paid subscription. Generally, prices can range from $9 to $100 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

Do I need prior video editing knowledge to use an AI-powered video generator?

No, you don’t need any prior video editing knowledge to fully take advantage of an AI-powered video generator. These tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners.

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