Top 9 Website Builders with Artificial Intelligence

Ricardo Gonzalez
website builders with artificial intelligence

AI-powered website builders are revolutionizing the way businesses and professionals create their online presence. With these platforms, advanced technical knowledge or weeks of development are no longer required.

In a matter of minutes, you can have an optimized website ready to launch a business or personal project. If you are looking to bring your idea to the digital world quickly and easily, these are the top 9 website builders with AI you need to know about in 2023.


Best AI Website Builders



Kleap goes beyond predefined templates. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your needs and preferences, generating a website as unique as your project.

Stands out for:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Content integration
  • Clear and intuitive navigation
  • Support for over 10 content types
  • Plans from free up to $89 per month

Learn more detailed information about Kleap here.



Makelanding turns a few words about your project into a complete, conversion-optimized landing page. It handles copywriting, design, and other key elements.

Main benefits:

  • AI-optimized copywriting
  • 6 art styles and 12 color themes
  • Super easy no-code editor
  • One-time purchase perpetual license
  • Prices from $29 USD

Learn everything you need to know about Makelanding here.



Mixo allows you to create a full website in seconds and easily expand it as you grow. It comes with a no-code editor, hosting, and more.

Main features:

  • Websites created by AI in seconds.
  • Visual no-code editor.
  • CDN hosting for optimal speed.
  • Optimized design and SEO.
  • Built-in Analytics manager.
  • Great for early-stage projects.
  • Plans from $9 per month.

Launch your website in minutes with AI assistance. Learn more details about Mixo here.



Pico allows you to create functional web applications simply by describing what you need in natural language. It has unprecedented flexibility to bring your ideas to life.

Top features:

  • Versatility to build any web app.
  • Visual no-code editor for customization.
  • Version history and isolation mode.
  • ChatGPT integration for a chatbot.
  • Custom domain and branding.
  • 100% functional, optimized apps.
  • Affordable pricing from $0 monthly.

Bring your web app ideas to life without code, Learn more about Pico.



Lander uses advanced AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney to create highly persuasive landing pages. Working closely with you to understand your goals and needs.

What does it offer?

  • Total customization.
  • Persuasive texts written by AI.
  • Image creation optimized by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Real-time optimization and adjustments.
  • Time and money savings.

Learn more details about Lander here.



Framer allows you to go from Figma designs to functional websites with a single click. It comes with a built-in CMS and interactive tools.

Key features:

  • Seamless Figma connection.
  • CMS to manage unlimited content.
  • No-code interactive animations and effects.
  • Built-in SEO and mobile optimization.
  • Advanced analytics and metrics.
  • Flexible plans from $5 per month.

Take your Figma designs to the web instantly with Framer.



Chat2Build allows you to create the website of your dreams through an intuitive conversation with artificial intelligence. No technical complications.




Waibsites uses generative AI to create high-impact landing pages in seconds, just describe your product.

What it provides:

  • Deployment-ready code
  • Style and color customization
  • Built-in Vercel analytics
  • Stripe payments integration
  • Optimized template for $12 USD

Instantly power up your online presence. Discover more about Waibsites.



Limecube allows you to create websites in a simplified way including powerful security, SEO, analytics, and advanced technical support.

Main features:

  • Unlimited pages
  • AI to generate optimal content
  • 24/7 email and chat technical support
  • Built-in advanced SEO
  • Integrated analytics and metrics
  • High security and optimization
  • Plans from $19.99 AUD per month. More about Limecube.

AI Website Builder Pricing

Below is our comparative pricing table for the 9 AI website builders:

PlatformFree PlanCheapest Paid Plan
KleapYes$12 per month
MakelandingNo$29 (basic template)
LanderNoCustom Quote
PicoYes$29 per month
FramerYes$5 per month
Chat2BuildYes$9.99 per month
WaibsitesNo$12 (template)
MixoNo$9 per month
LimecubeNo$19.99 AUD per month

Comparison and Analysis of Website Builders

Comparison and Analysis of IA Website Builders

The above diagram represents a comparison and analysis of various AI platforms that facilitate website creation based on their main focus. They have been grouped into five categories:

  • Full Websites: Tools like Kleap, Pico and Mixo are ideal for creating full, multi-page websites.
  • Landing Pages: Makelanding, Lander and Waibsite specialize in high-converting landing pages.
  • Design Migration: Framer is the perfect option if you need to migrate Figma designs.
  • Conversational Experience: Chat2Build offers a more conversational, interactive experience.
  • Security and Support: Limecube stands out for its emphasis on security and customer support.

Applications of AI Website Builders

AI-powered website builders have multiple applications for all types of users and use cases:

  • Entrepreneurs can validate their ideas and launch websites in record time.
  • Freelancers increase productivity by creating professional websites without writing code.
  • Artists have a platform to showcase portfolios and sell their art.

The possibilities are endless. These platforms empower anyone to materialize their digital projects.

The Future of AI Website Builders

The future looks promising for AI-powered website builders. As these technologies evolve, we can expect to see:

  • Deeper integrations of generative AI to maximize automated creation of visual and textual content.
  • More personalization and unique designs thanks to advances in machine learning.
  • More advanced features like CRMs, membership systems, forums, and more.
  • Continuous improvements in speed and optimization.

These platforms will continue to empower more people to create their digital presence without needing advanced technical skills. They will transform how we build for the web.

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